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Birdland Beach Club

Explore one of the best Bolinao resorts and swim in underwater caves; harvest sea urchins that you will prepare with our chef into uni carpaccio. Snorkel in front of our Bolinao resort to view and be amazed by 7 of the 8 giant clam species in the world(the size of car tires).  Ride the only bamboo solar tricycle and bamboo jeepney in the Philippines to tour Bolinao's famous sites like Patar Beach, Enchanted Cave, and the Bolinao waterfalls.  Cruise during sunset with our very own donut boat(Birdlland's version of the banana boat).  Go island hopping including our very own private island, Bird Fantasy Island and watch the sunset like stranded castaways. Surf the third longest surf break in the world in Salaki Island, next to our island. Jump off Bolinao Falls 1, 2 , and 3, minutes from our resort. Float in the middle of the West Philippine sea in  our two floating houses.  Finally enjoy farm to table, ocean to plate, and garden to kitchen cuisine in our restaurant, The Blue Mikey, the only organic, non gmo, no preservative, all natural restaurant in Pangasinan catering to vegan, paleo, vegetarian, gluten free, low sodium diets.  And if you're sunset chaser, google "Birdland Beach Club sunset" images and you will witness purple, red, orange, yellow, blue and rainbow swirl sunsets. 

Welcome to Birdland Beach Club and the Bolinao resort experience .  We have four air condition cabanas, six 3 story kubos with bathrooms, five over the water kubos, six beach front kubos with common bathroom/shower, two Lakota(Native American tipis, one Afro-Mongolian stone coral grass yurt, and one interior kubo spread over 2 hectares to give you a low density and very private experience. This is the ultimate Bolinao resort if you enjoy nature, healthy living and eco resorts.

We are the first truly eco oriented resort in Bolinao officially opened in April 2016  .Birdland Beach Club has 19 times on TV and movies having  been featured four times on ABS CBN in 2016 for original inventions and innovations: dehydrated organic fruits, vegetables, meats,and  seafood; bamboo solar tricycle; donut boat, and hundreds of handmade birdhouses. In 2017, we were featured on GMA's show "I Juander" as the best honeymoon spot in Bolinao and Pangasinan and ABS CBN again for our three story kubos, The Residences at Bolifugao, another Birdland original.  Birdland Beach Club has been voted the best eco resort in Pangasinan in 2017. BBC is a resort like no other you have ever seen.

We built this Bolinao resort around the existing coral instead of destroying them like many local resorts. All the pathways are sand so minimal destruction to the environment. Our style is neo-traditional and rustic chic; imagine Makati or Bonifacio Global City flats but on corral rocks facing the beach. Imagine bamboo, mahogany, grass kubos with modern amenities. It is owned by wife and husband team,  Bolinao's pride and joy, Joanna Ledesma and Filipino American, Michael Donato Parayno, famed birdhouse artisan from Berkeley, California and owner of two legendary jazz clubs, Birdland Jazzista Social Club.

Birdland Beach Club is for those individuals seeking a priceless experience and who have "been there, done that" already and are no longer seeking the most spectacular swimming pool or manicured landscape. This Bolinao resort is blessed with magnificent sunsets and 24/7 sea breeze and the biggest infinity pool called the West Philippine Sea.

We grow our own fruits and vegetables served on the resort. We don't use msg, betchin, gmo products, and magic sarap in our cooking.  We don't use white sugar or brown sugar in our food preparations but only muscovado, honey , and fresh milk. We are vegan, paleo, and vegetarian friendly. Pets are welcome and the can stay in your cabanas. We are one of the few pet friendly resorts in Bolinao.

As the owner and former university lecturer in immigration history at the University of California at Berkeley and former owner of two infamous and legendary jazz and blues club in the San Francisco Bay Area,(Birdland Jazzista Social Club), I've travelled over 60 countries, stayed in countless resorts, and dreamed of building the perfect eco resort utilizing native materials with minimal destruction or alteration to the natural environment. This Bolinao resort and accomodation is the culmination of those travels and experiences with a focus on art, music, food, environmental stewardship, and culture.

My wife, Joanna Ledesma, also produces healthy organic, non GMO dehydrated fruits, vegetables, meats, and seafood on the resort under her company Simone's Original Snacks, named after our daughter, Michaela Simone, who enjoys eating healthy. Her products are sold all over the country in health oriented grocery stores, resorts, hotels, and restaurants.

Our higher prices of our rooms reflect our philosophy thats labor rights are respected. Our workers earn 30 to 40 percent higher salaries than comparable resorts in Bolinao and they keep all the services charges. So most of our staff if not all earn over P10,000 to P18000 per month, which means they don't have to leave their families and go overseas to endure the abuse, exploitation, oppression and indignities that Filipino OFW's have to face or even go to Manila or other urban areas to find work further contributing to the uneven development of the Philippines between the core economy of Metro Manila and the peripheral economies of the province. What's good for our workers is the best for us and our country as a whole. To put it into perspective, most resorts and restaurants in the area pay P3500-5000 monthly salary. We pay about P10000 a month to our full time workers which includes their service charges. Additional income comes from their tips and activities they operate as masseuse, tour operators, dod walkers, nannies, etc.

Birdland is not a quantitative experience but a qualitative one. This Bolinao resort is not a bucket list item but a pensive and introspective journey towards our human growth and potential for ourselves, friends, and family members. Birdland is for those who love adventure, nature, simplicity, inner peace and tranquility of mind. It has been described in social media as the perfect "hugot" place. Equally, it is just that perfect place to chill on a duyan(hammock), drink a mojito or caipirinha and watch the sunset and evening stars while jazz or bossa nova faintly floats on the ocean air. But if you like adventure, we have 27 activities in the resort that you can experience. 

Bolinao has still has that unspoiled beauty that is reminiscent of Boracay 40 years ago. It is laid back with white sand beaches without the crowd of El Nido, Boracay, or Bohol and overpriced resorts and hotels. Birdland in the first boutique eco resort in Bolinao. BTW, we also host the annual West Philippine Jazz and Blues Festival every Msecond weekend of March(4th annual in 2019)and hosted our first Independent Film Festival in May 2017. We are the only Bolinao resort that has music and film festivals every year.

You don't learn anything from traveling except you learn more about yourself. Let your eyes be your camera, your imagination be your drone, and your brain your hard drive.

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