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Bolinao resorts and restaurant guide..(.reprinted with permission) https://bolinaohotels.wordpress.c

Best Bolinao Resorts BEST BOLINAO RESORTS The Definitive Guide to Bolinao 2017-2018 POSTS POSTED ON SEPTEMBER 21, 2017 The Best Bolinao Resorts, Hotels, Accommodations, Restaurants, and points of interest. Best Bolinao Resorts and Restaurants Guide(2017-2018) Prices: $-inexpensive $$-moderate $$$-mid range $$$$-expensive $$$$$-very expensive Highlighted in Red ♥ are highly recommended. Caveat: You get what you pay for in Bolinao. Don’t be fooled by “beach resort” names. Resort could mean a very nice luxurious accommodation down to a tenting area and still be called a resort. Please do your research. Read Google reviews, Trip advisor reviews and very recent blogs. I have visited most of these resorts except maybe two. I’ve stayed in many of them through the years. Are there good deals in Bolinao? Not really, most resort owners know each other’s pricing so for cheaper accomodations, you get a basic room, sandpaper 100 thread count colorful Hello Kitty linens, plastic furniture, cot beds with thin mattresses, and 1 horsepower AC or fans. Mid to high end use inverter split type AC’s and we even found one eco resort use 2000 thread linen like major hotels in Manila. You really do get what you pay for. However, that should not stop you from having fun in Bolinao. If you’re a budget traveler, Bolinao can be expensive. For a middle class traveler, Bolinao is just right. For many foreigners and Pinoy upper middle class, Bolinao is downright cheap. It all depends on perspective. Bolinao sand is creamy in color not white; refrain from comparing it to Boracay and calling it the “Boracay of the North.” Bolinao is nothing compared to Boracay. Bolinao waters are crystal clear and not polluted like Boracay; it is filled with marine life and plants like sea grass, giant clams, native fish like the sungayan and mamalantik, and sea horses. Bolinao is not crowded and commercial like Boracay. The city just got it’s first 7-11 in July 2017 and only has 2 ATM machines(be aware that the two ATM’s are sometimes or often out of cash or offline so bring cash or you will have to go to neighboring Alaminos forty five minutes away to access a commercial bank ATM; that shows that Bolinao is a not very commercialized. I’ve stopped going to Boracay since 2006 due to it’s commercial aspect. You can click on all the resort and restaurant links to take you to their website or Facebook, or blog page. This is the most complete listing as of September 2017. Bolinao Resorts Resorts in the City Proper 1. Dos Flores Resort: This is one of the older resorts in Bolinao. It is a bit dated and run down but very inexpensive rooms. The beach front is mainly parking for many fishing boats. They have rooms available for “short time.” It was also up for sale a few years ago for P20M. This is one for the first resorts in Bolinao and it shows. A good option when Bolinao is fully packed and other resorts are overbooked since not too many people know about this resort and it’s location. It can only be viewed from the right side of El Pescador. $ 2. ♥El Pescador Resort Hotel: The largest hotel and resort in Bolinao with a large swimmng pool, tennis court, and basketball court. It has many function halls and conference hall for large groups. The only drawback is the landfilled man made beach but the rooms are affordable mid range prices perfect for families looking for the typical resort with pool and water slide amenities. Large parking lot where you can directly watch your car for those who are paranoid about their car’s safety. There is zero crime in Bolinao so no need to worry where you park your vehicles. Good for team building and company outings due to it’s sheer size. The only true small hotel in Bolinao that can accommodate hundreds of people. It is opened to the public for day use so it tends to be very crowded. Guests can cook by the pool in bbq pits. It has elevators for people with mobility issues. New beach front four story hotel has that business hotel feel. Great location if you want to stay in town just visiting relatives. Popular among balikbayans who have relatives in Bolinao. The best for large groups and groups needing lots of man made activites to keep busy. $$$ 3. ♥♥♥ Sundowner Villas: Perfect for those looking for lots of swimming pools and large family cabanas. Only downside is the high prices and the view of the fish ponds and fish port which make the water not swimmable. Perfect view of sunrise: the sun sets behind the resort. This place is always full and popular due to the Mediterranean motif of the resort and many swimming pools. There is a new restaurant, Nykos, which serves Mediterranean inspired cuisine and a full bar. Very popular and busy on the long weekends and holidays. The best swimming pools. $$$$$ Beach Resorts(Patar Road) 1. ♥♥♥♥♥Birdland Beach Club: the first boutique and only eco resort in Bolinao. This unique artisanal designed resort has the perfect sunsets, strong ocean breeze, and three story kubos rising 20 meters above the ocean in addition to beach front kubos in the water. They also have air conditioned rooms. Prices are mid range to expensive and two natural salt water swimming pools are under construction make this a perfect haven for nature lovers and vacationers who want less carbon footprint for their holidays. Has a rustic modern full service restaurant and bar that you would find in a major city. Complete spa and massage service. Accepts credit card, Pay pal, Venmo, Google wallet, foreign currency and ATM. Bitcoin not accepted as of this writing. The best views, sunsets, breeze, and restaurant. $$$ 2. Rock Garden Resort: an older but very affordable resort in Long Beach sharing the same coastline as Birdland Beach Club, the resort also has a small zoo and a swimming pool. The swimming pool is new and looks impressive. The only drawback is they don’t have a restaurant. Food is ordered from local restaurant near town, Tummy Teasers. Perfect for budget travelers and those needing to be closer to town. The gun range is nearby so you hear occasional firing but not excessive. Birdland and Rock Garden are the only resorts sharing Long Beach coastline thus making these two the perfect choice for folks wanting less noise than the noisy “zoo” in Patar during the weekends. $$ 3. Giant Taklobo: It started as a restaurant but has traditional houses built in the lot. It has a few native kubos for rent next to their restaurant by the same name but no beach view or sunset view but convenient for eating since there is a restaurant near the indigenous designed homes. Balay ni baeng and balay ni lakeng reflects native bamboo, sawali wall construction with room AC. The traditional houses are tastefully done although not on the beach. Nearby the Balingasay River and Sungayan Grill, a popular tourist eatery and river cruise spot. $$$-$$$$ 4. Berling’s Resort: Perhaps the first resort on the way to Patar Road built many years ago when Patar Rd was not paved yet, the resort is a bit dated but is very historical in its own way reminding one of the humble beginnings of Bolinao tourism. Available for “short time.” Located right after the bridge of Balingasay River.$ 5. Ramos Resort: Another older resort right next to Berling, it is vey affordable and has recently gone some minor renovations. First affordable resort right after the turn passing the bridge. $ 6. ♥♥♥ Casa Almarenzo: popular resort for the mid range budget conscious traveler, it features a pool and some new room additions. Nice view from the pool and new buildings constructed to complement the older ones when the resort first opened. Small tight parking lot. Only drawback in this beach area s that it is very shallow and you have to walk very far from shore just to get ankle deep water. The sunset is also to the left behind the resort on many months. The pool is nice. No restaurant but you can just walk to neighboring Am Strand Grill which serves Bolinao dishes and comfort food. The best value for affordability, pool, view, and walking distance to a restaurant. $$-$$$ 7. Villa Soledad: Another older hotel/motel on the beach resort that features a swimming pool. Again many of the resorts in this area of Ilog Malino has very shallow water making the ocean virtually unswimmable during low tide. But very affordable. Swimmng pools available but you have to cross the street to access the beach. Restaurant is hit and miss but you can walk to neighboring Am Strand down the street which is a beach front restaurant. $$$ 8. Coco’s Beach Resort: As the name suggests, hundreds of tall coconut trees line this resort, it is very affordable for those on a budget but no restaurant so you have to go to neighboring restaurants, Amsrand, Mangunguna, or Panan Illi. Green and white cottages spread over the big property. Simple budget accomodations and simple furnishings and parking very easy next to your rooms. Many outdoor kubos just to hang out and relax also. The hundreds of coconut trees give it a very postcard feel. $$ 9. Ilog Malino Resort: Adjacent to Coco Beach, it has many coconut trees as well, it has air conditioned rooms and recent renovation including a swimming pool. Again the ocean is unswimmable due to shallow depth during low tide and strong waves in Ilog Malino area once you reach swimming depths. Decent rooms for the price. Not a boutique resort but motel style. $$ 10. Punta Riviera: One of the older larger resorts competing with neighboring resort, Puerto Del Sol, it has two swimming pools due to the shallow depth of the beach making it now swim friendly. More affordable than Puerto del Sol. Takes all major credit cards. If you can’t afford Puerto Del Sol, this is the next best thing in this area since they are next to each othere. Live band plays nightly so be aware if you like total peace and quiet. They have many rooms including large family military barracks bunk bead affairs. This resort can accomodate over 100 guests. $$$$ 11. Villa Carolina Y Juan Beach Resort: older resort with a swimming pool, it features AC rooms and kubos. A bit dated but perfect for budget conscious. Kitschy features in the swimming pool and cement furniture dot the resort. Kubos are older and can be higher in price than comparable kubos in the area. $$-$$$ 12. Puerto Del Sol: a modern expensive resort, this is one of more popular high end resorts in Bolinao. Features two swimming pools and modern cabanas make this a more expensive resort. Again beach is not swimmable during low tide. Recently renovated and new pool added since the older buildings were getting dated. Accepts all major credit cards. Tries very hard to be a high end resort. The resort has bought new land near Patar Beach for Puerto del Sol(redux). Yayas and drivers are not allowed to stay in the rooms as the former CEO of Thunderbird Casino found out. Best if you want to show others on social media where you stayed due to its “high end” branding. Many weddings here. $$$$$ 14. Vero Amore: Condo type apartment rooms with a swimmng pool. High prices for the value of the rooms given the kitschy decor and basic linens. You have beach access also. Parking right next to the buildings. $$$$-$$$$$ 15. ♥♥ Seaview: One of the more affordable motel type resort right on the beach. Pool recently finished in August 2017 to complement their nice beach with volleyball court. Parking adjacent to the swimming pool and rooms. Inform drivers not to idle their vehicles or it will affect the quality of your stay. Think Santa Monica, CA motel on the beach. Nice and convenient. Drive in, Drive out. Another good value and good location between Patar and town. $$-$$$ 16. ♥♥ SCL Resort: Popular with families with two new swimming pools and affordable. The place is currently under renovation and a mix of old and new. There are two new swimming pools in 2017 and chapel being constructed as of July 2017. An old school favorite among big families for that old school look. The back of the buildings need a bit of finishing but the interior exterior looks alright. Best value and being able to please everyone’s diverse taste. They have something for everyone. $$$ 17. Paz Beach House Resort: A house, an apartment with rooms, a bahay kubo and a beer house for the big group that want a budget alternative. Simple and rustic but right on Patar. Good choice for families on a budget. $$$ 18. Bing’s Resort: Brightly colored building and huts but older and dated. Cheap and affordable, but you get what you pay for. $ 19. Cindy’s Bay View: Motel/Apartment style rooms right next to each other. Think motel on Patar beach. Budget friendly. Nothing spectacular but you are on the beach. $$ 20. Holy Land Beach Resort: Attracts alot of religious visitors due to the name. Old school affordable with pools. $$-$$$ 19. Crown Jewel Resort: In the Patar area, this kubo, AC mixed resort is affordable and popular given it’s location, but lacks vegetation and trees to keep the area cool. Plenty of beach area but lacks shade under the hot sun during the summer. $$ 20. Casa Carolina: home version in Patar of Villa Carolina but more like home apartments. Many of the upper rooms still under construction. Mainly houses for rent in Patar. A bit kitschy but inexpensive for the ordinary budget. $$ 21. Treasures of Bolinao: right on the tip of Patar, this major landmark is very popular. Mid to high price but rooms are a bit dated. Has a swimming pool. No phone or internet signal. Mixed reviews by visitors of the biggest resort on Patar Beach. Old school. $$$$ 22. La Parolla de Bolinao Beach Resort: three room motel type resort with second floor almost finished across patar beach, it is both affordable and conveniently located but it is in a high traffic area making the place noisy of vehicular traffic and the weekend crowds. No phone or internet signal. $$ 23. Patar Bolinao Inn: Bunkbed dormitory style rooms but want the close location to Patar Beach. Good for students on a budget. $ 24. Nina’s Holiday Inn: motel type rooms next to Parolla. It’s good for basic needs but it is not Holiday Inn like in the US. Basic rooms with window type AC. Convenient location but very noisy during the weekend. No phone or internet signal. 25. ♥♥ G Resort: isolated on the other tip of Patar Beach. It has a nice beach front and restaurant and pool. It’s more pricey due to its isolated private location. Food in restaurant a bit expensive given its location from town. No phone or internet signal. Rough road to get there so you would be wise to use a high clearance vehicle so as not to damage vehicle suspension on lower or lowered cars. Very nice location. Best if you can not afford Veue Cabins or only there for one night. Same view as Veue since they are next to each other. $$$-$$$$ 26. ♥♥♥♥ Veue Beach Cabins: Think Ikea meets Bolinao Minimalist single story cement washed modern cabanass, you are required to stay a minimum of two night. Perfect hideaway for lovers and folks who need a boutique experience and pampered luxury. Nice location. Best place to block out the world(no internet or cell signal) and view of Patar Beach. $$$$ 27. Dutch Beach Resort: Older almost defunct resort due to the Dutch owner no longer around, it is still there but a bit rundown and needing renovation. A nice beach to balance the almost dilapidated buildings. $ 28. Rock View Beach Resort: No beach to speak of since it’s located on large coral rock formations, it is very picturesque if you love rock formations. The beach is only a few kilometers anyway so this is a nice alternative. $-$$ 29. ♥♥♥ Stella’s Place- Family and Friend’s Resort: Good reviews and perfect for families. A bit unknown to most tourists since it has a small sign but worth checking out. Nice family owned friendly owner place. Best for the home stay feeling and provincial vibe. $$-$$$ 30. Cool Spot Beach Resort: Basic no frills accomodation. $ 31. Arquero Beach Resort: house and kubos for rent. On the beach. Very basic furnishing and finishing. $-$$ 32. White Beach Natures Camp: very rustic cabin like accommodations overlooking Patar Beach. You have to go down a very steep graded coral rock cement stairs to go down to the beach about 100 plus steps. If you like nature, this is nice. $$ 33. Kuya Benjie’s Kubo and Cottages: small kubos and cottages with small air conditioners. On the beach at least. $$ 34. Liberty Beach Resort: located in Barangay Ilog Malino before Barangay Patar, this place has simple rooms with spartan beds and plastic furnitures. Simple and inexpensive. But you came for the beach right? It is on the beach. $-$$ 35. Solomon’s Paradise Resort: Fan rooms in traditional bamboo sawali wall, bamboo slat floors, nipa roof rooms. Viewing deck available and beach access. Spartan comforts and amenities. Nice mix of coral formations and some sand areas for swimming and chilling. $$ There’s a few more transient type accommodations and small places along the road and in the end of the Patar Beach road: AMS Resort, 3L Resort, Tristan’s Kubo, Germans Place, Mejia’s Kubo, Aiko Beach Eco Park, Herrera, Rock Formation, Remy White Sand Resort, Golden Villa, Nelly’s White Sand, Love Beach Resort, Gran Canaria Vacations, Polly’s Place, Costa del Fuego, and Carol’s Chill Inn. and a few more motel/dormitory type rooms have popped up right in the Patar beach parking lot. Restaurant Guide Eating in Bolinao is a hit and miss adventure since a bad restaurant is not necessarily bad, you just picked the wrong dish to order. Bolinao cuisine is generally very fresh since meat is butchered daily especially pork while cows are slaughtered on Tuesdays and Saturdays since beef has historically been a luxury meat in Bolinao. Seafood is very fresh and is bought from fisherman starting at 5am at the port where businesses and resort owners can haggle or at the public fish market at 6am where there are more choices but a bit more expensive since resorts and the Bolinao elite and middle classes along with tourists drive up the prices especially during holidays and long weekends. Vegetables and fruits are local, trucked in from Urdaneta or Baguio along with Chinese imported fruits like apples and pears. In other words, Bolinao cuisine is prepared daily with fresh materials. Seafood and the native bamboo sticky rice should be sampled. List of Restaurants (Alphabetical Order; don’t worry, there are less than 20 restaurants in Bolinao for a population of 70,000 and over 100,000 tourists during busy weekends.) These are sit down affairs not carinderia style catering to locals whose budget is less that P40 a meal(rice and viand). A few big resorts have in house restaurants but the food is inconsistent and menu is not complete because they don’t stock supplies when there are no guests or tourists so if you drop by, you will be greeted with “Not available, not available,” Ad naseum. These are real restaurants that have hours and can serve you meals when you arrive and not say: “kitchen is closed because there are no tourists.” Bolinao restaurants like to grill and fry. Few steam, saute, braise, pan sear or pan fry, deglaze, broil, fricasse, or non of that “al dente” pansit or palabok. Most vegetables dishes tend to be overcooked. Prices: $- cheap eats ; $$-inexpensive and good value $$$- mid range and good ambiance(ambiance is everything) Recommended: ♥ Highly recommended: ♥♥♥ 1. ♥ Adora’s Restaurant– Open 24 hours. Carinderia styles with ala carte items. It is located downtown which is only three blocks long next to the historical St. James Church across the Luciente Barangay Hall. Cheap eats for the budget traveler. No nonsense, no frills food. It’s good if you are waiting for the bus to Manila in the middle of the night. It fills the stomach. It has some fairly good reviews online but the best thing is the hours and the convenience when you are walking around town. (recommended if you have really low budget and running out of money as this is the cheapest eats in town)$ 2. ♥♥♥ Am Strand Resto and Grill– located on Patar Road on the way to Patar Beach, in Barangay Ilog Malino, Am Strand means “At the Beach” in German which is approriate since the establishment is literally on the beach. Filipino and Western comfort food. Try their sauteed crab dishes, Nilaga Castellano(family recipe) and the best calamari in town(not overcooked or over it’s not rubbery or tasting like tempura.) Open lunch and dinner. Very good value for middle class families and folks who want beach front view while eating. The place is also very breezy so it makes a nice ambiance when eating and breeze flowing over your body. You won’t be shy eating with your hands and getting “down and dirty” with their great food at this place. Serves local beer and limited liquor. Very good alternative if you don’t want to wait an hour to get your food as this place is truly underrated since it’s relatively unknown and new. Locatd nearby a few resorts so this is a good choice. (recommended for certain really delicious dishes like th crabs and calamari and the reasonable price plus BEACH FRONT VIEW)$$ 3. ♥♥ Badak Resto- located just behing city hall a few blocks from downtown is a restaurant that caters to locals and tourists who are fond of diverse Asian cuisine. Badak serves Korean noodles, Japanese udon and ramen, tempura, and various Chinese dishes along with the usual Filipino faire. It has a limited selection of sushi but it’s the only place that offers sushi in Bolinao which is surprising given the amount of freshly caught seafood everyday. If you’re tired of Filipino food, this is a no frills, casual dining establishment outfitted with bamboo tables and chairs under a shaded tree and a fairly good selection of local and foreign beers. Street parking and prices are very reasonable. (good selection of Asian foods and noodles and best in Downtown Area)$$ 4. ♥♥♥ The Blue Mikey- Brand new restaurant located in Barangay Arnedo, this place is a bit hard to find if you don’t pay attention to the signs. Follow the Birdland resort signs along Patar Road and make a right at the elementary school and follow more Birdland resort signs until you get to your 3 minute destination. It seems longer since the road curves and lots of turns before you get to Long Beach, another popular local beach before Patar Beach became a national tourist destination. This is the place to go if you want to impress someone and in search of formal casual dining. The place is beach front and specializes in Asian fusion cuisine like Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino and Italian and American food. Remember that statement “steam, saute, braise, pan sear or pan fry, deglaze, broil, fricasse, or “al dente”? This eatery does all that but not Makati prices. Bar offers authentic Brazilian caipirinha and Cuban mojitos along with extensive spirit and wine selection. Good for romantic couples, small groups and families and sophisticated eaters due to their inventive dishes. This place can only accomodate 40-50 people at the most. Serves breakfast at 730am, lunch, and dinner. Bar till 2am. (highly recommended signature dishes, innovative cooking, bar drink selections, and BEACH FRONT VIEW) $$$ 5. Bolinao2London Grill and Cafe- Located downtown by the market owned by British and Filipino couple, this is an older establishment right in the heart of the market or palengke. Average food for average price. Outdoor cafe not conducive to children or toddlers because of excessive noise and gas pollution of tricycles passing down the street. Best to eat inside. $-$$ 6. Bolinao Seafood and Grill- An early pioneer in the restaurant industry in Bolinao when the town became a tourist spot, it is located very near town as you begin to enter Patar Road after making the left from the National Highway entering city proper. It is on your left side. This restaurant can cater to over one hundred people so if you have a big group that is very hungry and not too picky, this will be a good place. It’s outdoors with with fans but lots of trees so it’s not too unbearably hot. The place also does catering and host birthday and wedding receptions. Specializes in traditional Filipino food and boodle boodle style eat with your hands affair. $$ 7. Dampa Seafood Restaurant- Located at the junction of Patar Road and the National Road as you make the left to Patar, it is immediately on your right side. Traditional Filipino food with parking on the side of restaurant or empty field across the street. Convenient location after the long drive from Manila. Filipiniana decor. $$ 8. Giant Taklobo Resto Grill- Named after the famed giant clams that populate Bolinao waters and owned by Filipino Americans, this restaurant that also offers lodging in the back of the property, serves lunch and dinner for big groups in their big outdoor native style pavillion and small bamboo huts. Big parking lot but tell drivers not to idle since they are right next to the restaurant. Nothing like diesel fuel smell to spoil your seafood experience. Good food but more expensive and smaller platings than rival, Sungayan Grill. Expect to wait when the restaurant is packed and busy during long weekends. $$$ 9. Mangunguna Seafood Bar and Grill-A few years old now, this is a good alternative if you don’t want to eat resort food at the bigger resorts across the road. This is one of the last two restaurants before you go to Patar Beach, so you better load up. Patar Beach has no restaurants; only informal “isaw isaw” bbq chicken liver, fatty pork, chicken feet and simple carinderia viands. Plenty of parking in front. It is located in Barangay Ilog Malino along Patar Road on your left. $$-$$$ 10. Mugs Bar and Restaurant- Located downtown above the hotel, this place offers a spectacular view of the city from the fifth floor. It offers both indoor AC seating and covered patio. Great place to have drinks especially late nights since this is one of few bars that are opened till 2am for drinking in Bolinao. $$ 11. ♥ Nykos Kitchen + Bar- Only a few resorts have full time restaurants, this is run by a Filipino American enterpreneur/chef that specializes in Mediterranean food and fusion cuisine. It is housed in Sundowner’s Villa resort downstairs on the lower road facing neighboring Santiago island. Faces the water but not exactly beach front. Lots of ambiant noise from fishermen boats and tricycles as the location is near the fish port and transit point for locals ferrying back and forth to Santiago Island from the mainland. Good food with complete bar. Good for couples and small groups due to ambience. You can also say you visited Sundowners to get “social climbing” points. (recommended for good food, privacy, and by the water setting) $$$ 12. Panan’ili Grill and Restaurant- The last official restaurant along Patar Road in Barangay Ilog Malino located on your left before you enter Barangay Patar and explore the underground caves like Enchanted Cave, Wonderful Cave, and Cindy’s Cave, the rock formations at Rockview, Rock Sunset, Rock Formation, the lighthouse, and Patar Beach. Last chance before you starve in Patar so load up. Traditional grill and seafood restaurant. Good attempt with modern decor on one side of the restaurant. Outdoor parking. $$-$$$ 13. Pizza Galore- Located downtown adjacent to Adora’s restaurant behind the church, this place offers pizza if you’re craving pizza and other Filipino comfort food. Very inexpensive but not open 24 hours like Adora’s. $ 14. ♥♥♥ Sungayan Grill- Located right along the Balingasay River, make the left along Patar Road before you hit the short cemented bridge. This is the biggest tourist restaurant destination in whole of Bolinao. Very crowded on weekends especially Saturday lunches and Sunday lunches on long weekends so try to eat lunch around 11am or 1pm after the lunch crowd. Take the river cruise while eating like in the Bohol river cruise. Don’t expect singing and dancing locals along the river front. Bolinao is not overly commercialized like Bohol. Good Filipino food specializing in seafood and boodle boodle eating affairs. (highly recommended for river cruise, river view, reasonable prices, very very BIG GROUPS(did I say BIG GROUPS?), and consistently good food)$$$ 15. Tapa King- Located downtown above 7-11. Need I say more. Only if you miss Manila. $$ 16. ♥Tummy Teasers Foodhouse and Bakeshop- Another restaurant institution in Bolinao popular on high school and adolescent dates, it can also cater to large groups. Mexican style food is available so if you crave a taco, nachos, or burritos, head to this place. Good family sit down atmosphere and conveniently located on your right side as you begin Patar Road on the way Patar Beach. Liimited parking. Catering also available. Everyone in Bolinao has been to this place. This was locally famous even before Bolinao tourism grew to where it is today. Probably one of the three five restaurants in Bolinao. Best Old School Spot $$ Create a free website or blog at

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